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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 12, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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their number one concern and that's what we have to get at with health care reform. unfortunately, several of these provisions are going to have the opposite effect. >> the white house versus the health care industry, the health care industry now saying their numbers show people will pay thousands more under a new health care bill. the white house says they were misled, so, who's right? we will ask senator bill nelson, on the senate finance committee. plus, the united states is losing track of foreign visitors, new worries about expired visas and why nothing has been done about it yet. and he owns the air waves, now he wants to own an nfl team, the growing controversy over rush limbaugh's potential bid to buy the st. louis rams. is there a difference between star power and political power? sarah palin's memoir already number one on and it is not even out yet. so, why have two gop gubernatorial candidates said thanks but no thanks when she offered to campaign for them? picking on kindergartners? are protesters in new jersey
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crossing the line, rallying outside a school just because the kids sang a song about president obama in the big picture starts right now. good afternoon, everybody, good afternoon, tamron, i'm david shuster live in washington. >> good afternoon. i'm tamron hall live in new york. after working for months to shape the health care reform, the insurance industry launched what is called a surprising attack on the emergency plan crafted by senator max baucus. the insurance industry saying a new accounting firm study shows families could end up paying thousands of dollars more for insurance within a decade. the study projects the baucus plan will add $1700 to the cost of family coverage by 2013 and $4,000 by 2019. dr. nancy snyderman talked to a spokesperson for that group that released the report. >> american people, employers across the country all said that costs are their number one concern and that's what we have to get at with health care
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reform. several of these provisions have the opposite effect. >> chiffry system, pro-waste and anti-patient education. that's what proponents are going to end up doing effectively. >> senator max baucus had already denied that premiums would increase after the congressional budget office released its cost sometimes of the bill last wednesday. he address what he had called myths about his bill. >> myth number three, some say that our bill will cause premiums to go up. that, too is false. a lot of things in our bill that would cause premiums to go down. >> now, keep in mind, all this comes a day before the senate finance committee is due to vote on the baucus plan and it could help fuel republican opposition. joining us now from the white house, nbc's mike viqueira. mike, let's talk about the relationship between the insurance industry and the white house. friend, enemy or frenemy, which is it? >> i guess frenemy bwould be th best but not the best
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description, allies on the hill have pretty much i will have if i had the insurance industry over the course of this debate. knowing the insurance industry had a lot to gain by health care reform but now dropping this bombshell on this columbus day, saying that premiums are going to go up and in the mating that they might not be able to support this bill, although they aren't going quite that far, saying they want to work with congress. remember there is still a long way to go in congress before all is said and done here. essentially what they are saying, one provision in particular, soften the bill up works result in fewer people being covered which, of course, incidentally, not incidentally, translates to fewer customers for the strurns industry. what happened in the committee, the finance committee during their markup, during their deliberation, they lessened the penalty that an individual would have to pay if they choose not to get insurance and the insurance industry is now saying that fewer people are going to get insurance because they would be willing to pay the penalty and only get insurance when they are sick. of course, you can't turn down people for having a pre-existing condition. and so insurance companies would be on the hook for that here is
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some of the reaction we are getting for advocates for health care reform on the democratic side a hatcher job, they are calling this an attempt at sabotage they are calling it. the aarp says the report is not worth the paper it is written on and here is a statement from a white house spokesman, he says, this is a distorted and flawed report from the insurance industry and cannot be taken seriously. so, all on the eve of that vote, that long-anticipated vote in the senate finance committee tomorrow, tamron. >> nbc's mike viqueira, thank you, mike. >> certainly. tamron, now to the bigger picture what will the impact be from this insurance industry attack on health care reform? joining us now, democratic senator bill nelson of florida a member of the senate finance committee that votes tomorrow on the baucus plan. senator, good of you to join us. do you agree with the white house when they described this insurance report as a distorted and flawed report? >> yes, and you have to look at who produced the report. the insurance industry did. as a matter of fact, i mean, the whole purpose of this thing is
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to make insurance affordable and available. and by affordable, we mean you are going to have to, those people who don't have insurance or those people who have a single individual, not a group policy, you have got to bring down the cost of that insurance. that it's whole purpose of then tire health care reform. >> what do you think the impact would be on olympia snowe and how all right vote go tomorrow? will all the democrats hold and will they be able to pick up olympia snowe for the vote tomorrow? >> all the democrats will vote for to get it out of the committee and i'm very hopeful and very optimistic that olympia will as well. >> i have to ask you about a question about a proposal that started percolating the last we. you voted for the baucus plan, the schumer plan for the
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public.option, a proposal now circulating thought that would be essentially an opt out for the pay the, you leave it for the states, in your case florida to decide if they want to opt out would that merit your support? >> no. i think we ought to have the competition of the insurance companies and is the schumer amendment i voted for and i think it ought to be available if all markets each of the states. the idea is let the free market competition determine what the rates about are you to keep those market conditions without keeping the premiums artificially lie high, put the government insurance company in there, but that company has to compete on the same rules and everyone else. >> we had max baucus and senator conrad who voted against that
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amend n committee, as you know. what they if they said, senator nelson, we don't have the votes for that this is the concession to at least start with a public option? >> well, i think the concession that olympia is working on is called the trigger, the rates came down instead of rising, then the public option would be triggered in. i believe that is one of the options she will be looking at. >> wouldn't it be stronger? if you start with a public option and leave it up to states to decide who opt out, wouldn't than a little more aggressive than olympia snowe's proposal? >> i think it's the opposite. i think the trigger would be more important, otherwise you would have a state which would say well, the insurance companies lobbied that state and they just completely did what the insurance companies want and took away the public option.
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so -- but these are all ideas, we will get a lot of this discussion going on and ultimate, i believe, david that we are going to end up with a bill on the president's desk somewhere around thanksgiving. >> senator bill nelson, democrat from florida. senator, great to have you on as always. thanks for coming on today. >> thank you. well there are new concerns about security here in the united states eight years after 9/11. there is still no reliable system for knowing whether or not foreign visitors have actually left the country. these new concerns stem from a case in texas where a 19-year-old jordanian who overstayed his tourist visa was accused of plotting to blow up a dallas skyscraper. immigration officials believe that in the past year alone, 2.9 million foreign travelers entered the country on temporary visas but never officially checked out. nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams, joins us with more. so, pete, lawmakers are now calling for a universal electronic exit monitoring system? what is being done to put that
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in place or how close are we to seeing something like that? >> not very close. there's been a pilot program to do this at a couple of airports but they have for now been abandoned some what travelers do when they come into the country there is quite a robust system for tracking people who come in. and candidly, i think this is where congress and the department of homeland security wanted to put their emphasis early on, to make sure the wrong people were not getting in, so when you apply for a reese is a our come in here to the first time on a visa, you are photographed at the airport or when you get off a ship, your ten fingerprints are checked, name, database, the terror watch list to make sure suspected terrorists can't enter the country. the other is what happens when a six-month, one-year period on the visa expires and legally required to leave, what you if down the? there is no dependable system for tracking people who leave the country, other than a paper
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system, which now you're required to fill out a form when you leave by ship or plane. and there's a pretty good system for tracking students who overstay their visas but in general, not a robust electronic system. some attempts to do this but still a long way to go here. >> pete, sadly, we have to ask, talking about this were it not for that texas case? i'm sure it has been something discussed, but here publicly again is a reminder just because of this case? >> clearly this case has put new attention on this well-known problem. this is something the department of homeland security has been trying to work on. originally called the u.s. exit entry system, u.s. entry/exit system, go hand in hand, you would check in and check out, like a time clock, punch in in the morning, pump out at night. the punching out is hard to go and this case from smadi from dallas dramatizes, puts new attention tonight. >> pete williams, nbc justice
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correspondent. when you think about that number, inkreblible, 2.9 million foreign travelers the last year alone could be here and there is no way, at least to track if they have officially left the country that is startling knowing that we are still targets of people who would doer horrible things once inside this country. >> startling, tamron to realize that there is not an electronic system. we have electronic systems for everything else. how come we don't have it for this? >> not a big enough wakeup call. developing right now in pennsylvania, two people were seriously injured when a crane collapsed in center city today. the crane also crushed nearby cars, trees and a building. our nbc affiliate in philadelphia, wcau, reports that one man fell 125 feet from the crane and an elderly woman on the ground was also hit. both were taken to the hospital and have more information as it comes in. coming up on "the big picture" should rush limbaugh be
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allowed to buy the national football league st. louis rams? >> it is a hot topic. the controversial talk show host's bid is sparking outrage from players within the nfl. we are going to take a look at this heated history of the organization and some of the things that rush has said in the past that put him on the hot seat. senator john mccain says don't count his former running mate out. the former republican presidential candidate calls sarah pail an formidable force, but what will the future really look like in the gop? crunch time, wheat thins. you and your tasty whole grain. this can only end one way. (crunch) wheat thins. toasted. whole grain. crunch. have at it. indulge in endless choices of your favorite shrimp. including new wood-grilled shrimp with a teriyaki glaze. it's endless shrimp -- our best value of the year. now at red lobster.
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welcome back to the big picture. the nfl players' union wants to block rush limbaugh. >> the union trying to derail his bid to buy the st. louis rams n an e-mail to players, the
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union chief writes, sport in america is at its best when it unifies gives all of us reason to cheer and transcends oufrm sport does exactly that when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred. limbaugh first expressed interest in owning the team this spring. an nfl spokesman says the rams have not agreed to sell to anyone and that there are other bidders. mean time, the pittsburgh steelers linebacker james far yi your says limbaugh should be denied of own the franchise for comments like slavery had its merits and fan kevin blackstone says the nfl should punt limbaugh's bid for marks like, the nfl all too often looks like a game between the bloods and the crips without any weapons and the suggestion that donovan mcnabb was overrated by sports media concerned about looking politically correct. he cites other limbaugh remarks, including president obama. adolf hitter, like barack obama, ruled by dictate. and michael j. fox's suggestion
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of parkingson's disease, moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. and on limbaugh's show, he said, take your speak out against them the way that he has, i applaud that as well, because a lot of afram alps should be very, very sensitive to some of the racially insensitive things and nonsense come out of his mouth, but still in all, at the end of the day, you are an american citizen, you work, you pay taxes, you earn your paycheck, you have got an opportunity to purchase an nfl team. to say that he doesn't have a right to own a team because of
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those remarks, to me, i think is going a bit too far, especially when players themselves have done very, very little to exhibit any kind of political conscience whatsoever up to this point. >> if they did that now, suppose a big group of players said, you know what fine, we can he can own the st. louis rams and we won't play. would you support the players in that large effort? >> i don't have a problem with it. down the want to play for him, don't play for him. believe me when i sit here and tell you, i think it's a bunch of crap they are sitting there talking about that is something they wouldn't do. i don't believe them t is just walking hypocrisy as far as i'm concerned, nowhere on earth you can tell me rush limbaugh had $20 million to give you as an nfl player, someone else on the 3 teams in the nfl only had 10 million dollars to offer you that you gonna pass up that additional $10 million. let people believe you are boo-boo the fool all you want to i'm not going to get caught up on that games, don't believe a single word coming out of their mouth when they say that. >> steven, you certainly have
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your right to do that, but owning an nfl team is not a right, a privilege and have denied people ownership and seen it in major league baseball with marge schott after she said slurs about african-americans, jews, the list went on, she obviously was a hitler sympathizer as well, it is not a right, a privilege and we don't have to talk about the players what about the fans? what about the african-american kid who wants to go see a team that's owned by a man that tells a black person to get the bone out of his nose? what about those people? don't they have a voice and many of them are speaking out? whether you believe the players or not, isn't it also about the fans? >> i understand what you're saying it is about the fans, ultimately, they are the ones pay the trop nicing the product. let's talk about those fans for a second, how much you want to make a bet, tamron, the minute rush are limbaugh ounce the st. louis rams people in st. louis and in the missouri area lining up to go see the players play? that's what this comes down to. again, he doesn't have a -- >> but everybody is not fuelled by money. my mother has a saying, not all money is good money and i do
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think that we are at a time of bravery where people might, i don't weren't to make assumptions about anyone. it is really about should this individual own a team? should a person who says there are merits with slavery be able to have this privilege of owning a team? >> i think before you answer that question or before you answer that question, what you should ask yourself to a person like that be allowed to have his own nationally syndicated radio show that's disseminated to more than 15 to 20 million people, depending on what reports you read. here we are saying that this man does not have the right to own an nfl team but he has a right to be over fcc airways. >> not saying, the nfl says, they set the bids. >> i'm asking you a question. >> i'm asking you the questions here. >> i said i'm answering your question. >> i thought you said i'm -- david and i are not saying he doesn't have the right to do something, we are saying the nfl picks and chooses, should this be one they pass on? that's the question? >> it should be one to they pass
3:21 pm
on if they have another viable candidate who has the same amount of money. but if this guy and his group which includes dave check et cetera and others, not made such incendiary remarks puts a group together that says they can afford to own an nfl team and be very, very pro profitable and affluent for the very players that will ultimately come to play for them, i simply do not have a problem with it. if you want to sit there and be the executive director of the nfl and say this guy should not be a part of our league but you got somebody that can purchase a team that has these hundreds of millions of dollars to get it done, then so be it. but if you don't, don't whine and moan about it, clearly far too many occasions players should have stood up and had a political conscience and refused to do because of public sentiment or sentiment that may have come from the ownership group or upper management or the public at large. you picking and choosing when to be in an uproar over such things. i'm saying there's many occasions they could have spoken
3:22 pm
out in the past and they didn't do so. >> stephen a. smith, we appreciate it as always. stephen, if the nfl knew what they were doing, have somebody as qualified as tamron hall as the director. >> no, no, no, my vice president would be stephen a. smith. >> she makes valid points no question. >> stephen, thank you very much. in our next hour, tamron, we will be joined by reverend al sharpton who added his voice to those who think limbaugh should be blocked from nfl ownership. tamron, seriously, i do think if the nfl is wise they will find somebody else who can offer just as much money as are rush limbaugh's bid and solve the problem t would be a problem. >> one of the writers, drew sharp wrote this, should not be a short, sounds crazy to say there a lot of people with money, in these economic times but do have other bids according to the nfl they are looking at. as one writer said it should be about your character, not the color of your skip, as martin luther king said, limbaugh,
3:23 pm
let's not look at his color but his character and see if he has a right to -- privilege of owning such a team. we will see. >> well said. took more than 40 years, but police say they finally arrested the man accused of a hijacking in 1968 from jfk airport. oh. and then a nightmare becoming reality for a pittsburgh man. he was found asleep when his home erupted in flames and collapsed around him. you will hear why this story will make you say no way. (announcer) carefree introduces protection, times ten. new carefree ultra protection liners, with wings! absorb ten times more, like a pad but feel thin and comfy, like a liner. new carefree® ultra protection™ announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet.
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welcome back. oh, a cold snap in the midwest, look at that video, unseasonably early snowe snowstorms. st. paul, minnesota, the earliest measurable snowfall in 24 years, the rare fall of snow caused a number of car accidents over the weekend. forecasters are predicting snow for minnesota, wisconsin, north dakota and nebraska. good luck to you there. so, here is what you need to know today, david. north korea test fired five
3:27 pm
short-range missiles. >> the country has declared a no-sale zone off the east coast until october 20th, which could mean more launches are coming, not clear if today's agos are part of a routine military exercise. the united nations has banned north korea from launching ballistic missile bus not the short-range missiles like the ones fired today. federal authorities arrested a man wanted for hijacking a plane 40 years ago. luis armando pena was taken into custody at jfk in new york. the 68-year-old suspect terrorized dozens of passener jobs in 968 when he hijacked a plane to puerto rico and fly to cuba. he had avoided prosecution. the risks from not getting the swine flu vaccine are greater than any potential risks associated with the vaccine a spokesperson with the centers for disease control says she is surprised by all the misinformation going on about the new vaccine gentleman. and speculation is swirling
3:28 pm
around sarah palin's real future in the gop. even as two republicans reject the former vice presidential candidate's offer to campaign for them, our latest edition of the palin chronicles, coming up. plus, a closeup look at joe biden's role in the white house and why joe is not afraid to speak his mind. the big picture continues. you't so many hours in a day to get your five servings of vegetables. consider this... the express route. v8. what's your number? mr. evans? this is janice from onstar. i have received an automatic signal you've been in a front-end crash. do you need help? yeah. i'll contact emergency services and stay with you. you okay? yeah.
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i'm courtney reagan with your cnbc market wrap. stocks all over the board, higher than lower. i believe the dow is trading up about 15 points. the s & p 500 index up 4. nasdaq composite down just slightly. oil prices rose to today, lifted by a weak u.s. dollar. oil up 2%, just above $73 a barrel. and google says one of its board members has resigned, effective immediately.
3:32 pm
arthur levinson also served as the director on apple's board. the move comes amid a federal probe into potential anti-competitive ties between the two boards. competition between the two companies is increasing in both the mobile phone market and computer software. that's it from cnbc, we are first in business worldwide. for now, back to msnbc. welcome back. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm tamron hall, live in new york. the big picture right now the latest installment of the palin chronicles, she maybe out of politics for the moment but nothing to slow the speculation about sarah palin's future and possible presidential run in 2012. john mccain's campaign director steven schmidt says a palin candidacy would be a "catastrophe" for the gop but mccain himself said his former running mate should be taken seriously. >> when we selected or asked sarah palin to be my running
3:33 pm
mate, it energizes our party. we were ahead in the polls until the stock market crashed and she still is a formidable force in the republican party. >> more proof of palin's popularity, her memoir, "going rogue" number one on amazon.kohl and the book is not even out yet. the bigger picture, what role will sarah palin play in the future of the gop? the republican party, gubernatorial candidate chris christie in new jersey and bob mcdonald in virginia declined palin's offer to campaign for them. despite that mccain believes she is formidable, she is strong and in the field of republicans considering the 2012 race. shannon moore, radio talk show host in alaska and contributor to huffington post. thank you for joining us, shannon. >> thanks for having me. >> so, we were talking earlier, the difference between a star and a political powerhouse. sarah page, looks at the book
3:34 pm
sales, has star power and look at the rejection from the gubernatorial candidates, she doesn't have political power. how is she trying to reconcile this or is she? where is she? >> apparently, she is back home now. she is here in alaska, you know, the sights, there's sarah sightings here. you know, they went and voted, she and her husband and daughter went and voted last week and that was a big sighting here. you know, it's interesting though that so many times we discount her as, you know, as the democrats do or the left, they want to discount her as a leader in the party. frankly, she has had more impact with her facebook putting out information about, you know, the death panels than the rest of the gop combined. i mean, she is actually affecting policy from facebook. think of what would happen if she actually had a office. >> that is a part of what i ask about her reconciling this, too. you have her soon-to-be her book tour, i imagine, to sell this book and promote the book. how does she or how do we -- what do we know from behind the
3:35 pm
scenes that she is doing to try to use that plate cal power in a bigger wake as john mccain called her formidable? >> well, think of this. can you imagine her going on a book tour the way that so many people that write books, they come on your show, go on ""hardball"" go on oprah winfrey. can you imagine her pushing her book and being out there on those sorts of tours and answering pretty much any question that they want to ask her? i don't see that happening. >> well that would be interesting if it happens because that perhaps will take had her to the next level, if she is to have political power. but you know, talk about her popular wit her base but when they have that values voters summit, she was the last person on that straw poll. mitt romney, mike huckaby, tim pawlenty, ahead of her. but she is, quote unquote, the big star. >> she is a star because she gets the t-bagger mentality, she gets people up and moving but her organizational skills on that are pretty weak.
3:36 pm
just today, sarah pac put out a huge push about health care, they want third base to please, please, please call your legislators, call your congressman, call them in washington, here is their numbers and it is a holiday, they are not there. this was a big day to do t i don't know how organized they are but their base is weakening. it's definitely slowing down. we look at the polls, we look at what people now think about, you know, gay rights in this country or, you know, it's definitely changed in the last 30 years or what we think about abortion or other things, this is becoming less of a -- less of a real you know, trigger that so many people in the gop had responded to for the last 30 years, now new ones like immigration. >> shannon moore, thank you so much for joining us. we greatly appreciate your insights on sarah palin and all things, the palin chronicles. thank you very much. david it is interesting, we were talking about star power versus
3:37 pm
political power, you think of how quickly this book has sold and it is not even out yet but two candidates don't even want to stand next to her in front of a huge group of folks. >> yeah, again, i would bet that mcdonald and christie would buy the book, too, tamron, because they are intrigued, very different case whether you are intrigued with somebody or want them to be trusted with the presidential nomination or standing next now the campaign. today's closeup, vice president joe biden has a new title. >> tamron, "newsweek" magazine proclaimed him an inconvenient truth teller, the latest issue says health care reform to afghanistan, joe biden is not shy to express his. . the vice president shoots from the hip style sometimes got him in trouble and some ribbing, "newsweek" now proclaims joe's no joke. "biden can still be irrepressible and long-winded but in the oval office, he has learned to be more disciplined without losing his edge. his persistence and truth telling have paid off and he's found a role for himself." joining us is pat buchanan,
3:38 pm
author of "state of emergency, the third world invasion and conquest of america." i'm not sure, it is fair to say the vice president has carved out a role for himself, doesn't the president have to agree to let him have that role? >> i think joe has carved it out to a degree. he has become the one -- the pivot point or the poll star, if you will, in favor of staying the course in afghanistan but going more toward pakistan. on the other side is mcchrystal. i was on a show this morning with dr. brzezinski and others and said where do you stand with the biden side or the mcchrystal side? that is a very serious major player. he represents a very strong point of view i think that is going to grow in strength. >> where do you stand and what do you think the impact of joe biden was going to have? >> dr. brzezinski said i'm a mcchrystal minus, minus. i'm biden pluchls i forget who else said they were with mcchrystal. my view is over the longer haul, i think biden's view is going to come to prevail because i think the president is going to go
3:39 pm
more with mcchrystal and i think we will start losing troops and people are going to weary of this war and come to the point of view as they did in vietnam, people that originally support it had peeling off gradually. so i thinked bison starting off at a lower base but i think goes grow. >> biden, the guy, pat, the predator drones or special forces, the attack he recommends and problems with the 40,000 extra troops that might be brought in under mcchrystal, the guy that said to owe bang marks i told you so and circle back? >> i don't think so i think's guy at a knows what he told the president and the president know what is he has been told. i think biden earlier on, quite frankly, david, there was a real problem there, going to reach this point that quayle and others have reached where they become almost a standing joke. i mean, it was irrepressible joe, making all these comments and gaffes hurricane the remark about chief justice roberts' laugh, did the inaugural.
3:40 pm
now he has become and "newsweek" is right, a serious major player. you don't hear about hillary clinton's point of view versus mcchrystal's, it's the biden plan. >> how have they managed to do that by trying to make sure some of the cameras are not around joe bind as much anymore, working the press, putting things out there how have they been able to do that? >> i don't know have to talk to jay carney, in the studio a lot. clearly one of the things they have done is get him away from the cameras, that's right. don't get him talking constantly, look, he is irrepressible, he says what he thinks and feel a lot and he gets himself in trouble. and stay with the serioa seriou issues. quite frankly, spiro agnew was a standing joke in '68 or '69. later in '69, the war with the media and demonstrators, he became a national major figure for years before he destroy it had all. >> became a joke again. >> well, he had four good years. >> pat buchanan, pat, thanks as always, appreciate you coming
3:41 pm
on. david, former vice president dick cheney's daughter is weighing in on the president's nobel peace prize. liz cheney says the president should skip the awards ceremony in oslo and send the mother of a fallen soldier in his place. cheney says president obama should send a message to remind the know bell committee that "each one of them sleeps soundly at night because the u.s. military is the greatest peacekeeping force in the world." meanwhile, the president may be getting a postpeace prize bump. his job approval rating jumped six point us in the last week from 50 to 56%. >> interesting. tamron, republicans are stepping up their attacks on house speaker nancy pelosi, hoping that will help them in the 2010 elections. >> is it a successful strategy or will that plan backfire? much more, making your case, "the big picture" coming up.
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3:45 pm
case, republicans have stepped their attacks on house speaker nancy pelosi. >> according to a report in today's "wall street journal" that maybe the central element in the republican campaign strategy for midterm elections next year. from the national republican congressional committee saying it hopes stanley mcchrystal will "put pelosi in her place" for her comments about afghanistan, the house minority leader, john boehner, ripping pelosi for not insisting that ways and means chairman, charlie rangel, step down in the wake of an ethic investigation. has the gop found a strategy to win back congress? here to make their case is a blog on doublespeak and the huffington postand amanda carpenter, blogger and reporter for the washington times. amanda, the focus on nancy pelosi is that the republicans' best card for 2010? >> i think it makes sense for house republicans to target her because she is the speaker of the house. this article looked at the national republican campaign committee which, of course, works to get republicans in the house elected. so, it makes sense, she is in power if they don't like the way things are, she is ultimately
3:46 pm
responsible. >> peter, according to the most recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, 44% of respondents had negative feels, 27% positive, while the 27% neutral or not sure. given the poll numbers, makes it hard to resist if you are a republican running for the house. >> first of all, congress has low approval ratings, look at the aggregate of those numbers, not a good picture for either party. secondly, look at polls, john boehner and mitch mccon really in the 20s. lastly it is a hard job to be speaker of the house in this climate, political environment. speaker pelosi is in the arena and she is going to get kicked around like other people who are national figures. that is part of the job and territory, the way back for republicans, i think amanda would hopefully agree with this
3:47 pm
is through ideas and action, and where they need to be focusing to on at this point in time. >> amanda, i will let you respond to that ideas and actions but want to follow up with what david was talking about polling numbers thought regarding the negative feelings some have towards the speaker of the house. does it boil down for republicans to look at her because the approval rating for the president, as we just reported, kicked up to 56%, he is a harder target right now? >> i think that is a big part of this. this isn't limited to house republicans either, i was at a house meeting of the rnc open to reporters, republican national committee told me how they were going to target toward nancy pelosi, unfavorables were very high but also the intensity of people feeling unfavorable toward her, comparable to how liberals felt toward newt gingrich in 1993, 1994, and they tested very pest civic words top two they found were partisan and polarizing, you can expect to see more of those words targeted toward her from republicans across the board, not just the
3:48 pm
house. >> peter, your view? >> well, as i said, you know, nancy pelosi is in a unique position. she is speaker of the house, very proud of that. last week, we saw that when she was asked about -- to comment on the nrcc e-mail about putting pelosi in her place. she said i am in my place i'm speaker of the house be, i earned it she has. look at her career, read about her, see where she came from and what she has done, she had an interesting rise to power. you are a national figure like she is, you will be part of the political game and have political committees testing you and words around you and that is all for political gain. what ultimately she will be judged on in 2010 and the democrats during that cycle is what they get done and where i urge people to focus now. >> amanda is there a danger for republicans, the attack seems to be nancy pelosi ought to be back in her place and the attack less about nancy pelosi's policies than the fact she is a woman?
3:49 pm
>> i think there is a danger in that, this year, putting out an ad about comparing her to a bond girl. that one, pelosi galore, it was distas distasteful this one is tone deaf. they need a target. obama is too popular. pelosi opens herself up to sometimes a caricature, fumble around in press conferences sometimes and that stuff makes great campaign commercials for republicans. >> amanda carpenter, peter shuts ski, i love amanda's last point, because harry reid is so borg, not the lightning rod republicans need. >> it is interesting, david that with speaker pelosi, she is a person that when you say her name, you are going to get some extreme reactions depending on which side of the aisle or conversation you subscribe to fascinating, although i don't think this is a surprising strategy, you listen to conservative radio they constantly hit her name, pelosi,
3:50 pm
pelosi this strategy shouldn't surprise anyone. >> absolutely. up next, conservatives protesting after school kids sing a song about president obama. the kids are in the school and these people are outside the school. and this right-wing demonstration did not happen in washington or the capital but right outside the new jersey elementary school with young children still inside. did the protestors cross the line? >> yeah. then nearly four months after his death, a new song by the king of pop hits the air waves. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is it (announcer) a cold or flu can start fast.
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welcome back. in today's "crossing the line," since when did it become okay to put kids in the middle of a political debate.
3:54 pm
>> barack obama, to make the country strong again. >> conservatives were fuming after this video last month from burlington township, new jersey, singing a song about president obama. it was part of a black assembly month assembly. they went off, saying the children were being indock tri natured, among other things and saying song was praising obama as if he were god. today conservative groups rallied outside of the school with the kids inside. kids were placed under beefed-up security. in a statement, rally organizers said, quote, consider this a protest against the trend to political it size our youth. we are against the social agenda promoted by the new jersey education association and the national education association. well, the superintendent of the school sent out a note to parents following this rally today, and it read in part, our school district does not believe that protesting in front of an elementary school in session
3:55 pm
with 4 to 7-year-old children is appropriate. this is disruptive to the education of the children, and could be intimidating. i personally contacted one of the organizers of the rally, and requested that they reconsider the rallies since school is in session. i offered to meet personally with the organizers to discuss this matter, instead of the rally. they declined. it's one thing to protest, as we are americans, but it's another thing to do it outside when there are children inside. what if those kids were your own children? why not take it to the capitol or district headquarters or a school board meeting where parents are present. not in front of kids who are in the middle of this. think about this, a child who you live, 4 years old, 7 years old. let me know what you think. tamron, almost 4:00 in the east coast, and still much more ahead. are faulty rifles putting troops
3:56 pm
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this hour on "the big picture." in the debate over the afghan war, neo cons are ratcheting up their demands for more u.s. troops. >> i think the great danger now is not an american pull-out, i think the great danger is a national measure. >> why didn't think ask for more troops years ago? why wouldn't they


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